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Project Description
This project seeks to make an engine for XNA Game Development for Windows Phone, similar to the popular Cocos2D

Due to the success of this engine on platforms like iPhone and Android would be easier for developers to port or create new games on this engine.

The engine contains many similarities with the original cocos2d engine for iOS, including full compatibility with the tileset plist files created in many availables tools.

WP Coco use an animation hierarchy that allows the creations of many effects with a small amount of code. Also support Sprites and AtlasSprites for an optimized drawing of an very large amount of images. You will see this in action from the first examples.

Also contain a Audio Manager for playing Sound and FX in the way that games need.

This project was used in real games gaining experience and robustness.

Now I am a single developer trying to contribute to the community, please give me a little help:


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